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Getting the Gig 103: Talking Money & Having a Purpose 

How to Talk about Money when Applying for a Gig

Here it is. The last ‘getting the gig’ article. For those of you who don’t know me: I am a former venue manager who shares his experience and helps independent musicians learn the effective formulas to approach live music venues. On the other hand, I’ve been a performing/recording musician for as long as I’ve been alive. So, I know what it’s like to apply, approve, deny, or get denied. 

What I’ve designed here is a free interactive course. I give useful tips…

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Getting the Gig 102: Why You End Up in the Spam Folder  

How to Make Your Email to Music Venues Worth Reading

The promise was kept: here is my second article on how to conduct effective conversations with managers of live music venues. As you might remember, I myself was a venue manager for quite a while. Wasn’t too bad, but I got enough of it. When I quit that job, I decided to start sharing useful tips for musicians who keep getting few or no responses from venues. 

Key Takeaways from Last Time 

So, what were the key takeaways from the 101 article

  • Being

Getting the Gig 101: Tips from the Manager  

How to Approach Venue Managers if You Want to Get a Gig

Hey, this is the first article on my new website. That’s great. I say, let’s skip the boring part and discuss something practical that could really help you in your music career. 

I am one of the few people who have been on both sides of the industry: I’ve been the venue manager and the musician who’s looking for gigs. In fact, I was the wandering musician who became a manager but never stopped playing music. How does that work? Well, I’m just good at…

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