Stanley Stonks is a recording and performing professional from Bulgaria, Europe. He primarily works as a solo artist, showing off his guitar, singing and piano skills in live music venues, a session musician and a songwriter/composer for hire. When he appears with his own band, at larger venues and louder gigs, he still names the event and the band Stanley Stonks. This is rather selfish but it is certainly a fact. Another interesting fact is that, even though he tries to make people believe he is a natural pop-rock talent, he received his education in music in classical music colleges, specializing in Symphony and Opera Conducting and Composition. Rock'n'roll has somehow dominated in his life and career, though. His music is strongly influenced by American and British classic rock and country artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Paul Rogers, etc.

Although Stanley's main focus is on creating his own original music, he currently has very little to offer, due to the harsh recording and publishing conditions for independent artists in Eastern Europe. He released his first rock single Bad Girls in 2016 but, a year later, he willfully stopped its distribution in major music stores because, according to his words, the song is a guaranteed hit but the production and the recording ruin its potential. However, it is still available for purchase in his official website and as a CD on Amazon, just in case anyone is interested in listening to it. In 2018 he released his second single Wildbird, which falls into a totally different, acoustic genre, but its recording and production are of much higher quality than Bad Girls. This time, even though he is recording a new, refined and rearranged version of Wildbird for some reason, the original, currently available track, will not be taken down from any store.

As a musician for hire, Stonks has participated in the recording and the writing of several popular European pop songs and has appeared on stage with famous bands and artists like Dirty Purchase, George Marholev, Minko Lambov, Kiril Lambov, IRA, Amalia Nenova, Petzata, Krassy Ivanova and others. In 2015 he was chosen to be the libretto editor and interpreter of Minko Lambov's pop opera The Fisherman and his Soul, based on a tale by Oscar Wilde. Due to written agreements, his contribution to the creation of the mysterious pop songs, mentioned in this paragraph, must be left uncredited. Once the terms of the agreements end, comprehensive information will be available.

Nowadays, Stanley Stonks performs every week at Bulgaria's oldest and most renowned live music spots - Swingin' Hall and Art Club Sofia. His fan base is growing by the day and this is helping him invest in recording a new album, which, as he promises, will exceed all expectations. Hopefully, the album will be released in the beginning of 2019. Also, if anyone wonders, Stanley Stonks was born in 1994 and you have guessed right - this name is a pseudonym.

This moody, reverberant folk tale is marked foremost by its lyrical ingenuity - but the spare instrumental touches in 'Wildbird' deftly delineate its passionately enunciated narrative notions.”

The Akademia

Stanley Stonks. Singer-songwriter. Apocryphal entertainer. Lovemaker. Rainwalker.

Stanley Stonks. Singer-songwriter. Apocryphal entertainer. Lovemaker. Rainwalker.