Stanley Stonks is a recording and performing musician and music coach. He often appears on stage as a solo artist and entertains his audience by singing and playing the guitar and piano. He also works as a session musician and songwriter/composer. For louder gigs, Stonks always hires a nice band. However, he always calls his events and bands ‘Stanley Stonks’, which is, indeed, rather narcissistic. Another interesting fact about Stonks is that, even though he tries to make people believe he is a natural pop-rock talent, he actually received his education in a musical academy, where he specialized in Symphony and Opera Conducting and Composition. Despite that, rock and country have always been his inspirations. His music is strongly influenced by the great American and British artists of the 20th century – The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Paul Rogers, etc. 

Although Stonks aims to create new musical pieces every day, he currently has very little to offer. This is because of some complex recording and publishing negotiations, which are expected to end in 2019. He released his first rock single Bad Girls in 2016 but, only a year later, he willfully terminated its distribution in major music stores. According to Stonks, the song was a potential big hit, but the poor quality of its production “ruined everything.” However, the original recording is still available on his official website (this website) and on Amazon (as a CD). In 2018, Stonks released his second single, ‘Wildbird’ – a dreamy folk song, dedicated to his beloved Rosie. This time, even though he is planning on recording a new version of ‘Wildbird’, the original track will not be unpublished. 

As a performer, Stonks has appeared on stage with more than a few famous bands and artists, such as Dirty Purchase, George Marholev, Minko Lambov, Kiril Lambov, IRA, Amalia Nenova, Petzata, Krassy Ivanova, and others. Also, in 2015, he agreed to be the libretto editor and interpreter of Minko Lambov's pop opera The Fisherman and his Soul, based on a tale by Oscar Wilde. As a composer, Stonks usually enters into for-hire agreements, where he is not allowed to claim authorship of the music he rights. In other words, he is a giving person on most days and he likes to see happy people. 

Nowadays, Stonks lives in the Netherlands. He explores the numerous venues in the country and coaches musicians of all levels – from total beginners to established experts. His not knowing the Dutch language does not help him a lot, but he is doing okay for now. Stonks is also recording an extraordinary music theory online course, which will be available from April, 2019. In case anyone cares, Stanley Stonks was born in 1994, and this name is a pseudonym. Also, he is not the biggest fan of modern music trends.

This moody, reverberant folk tale is marked foremost by its lyrical ingenuity - but the spare instrumental touches in 'Wildbird' deftly delineate its passionately enunciated narrative notions.”

The Akademia

An independent musician and writer who aims to make a global impact on the industry by enunciating the life-changing and profound qualities of music.